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What is Comfor water?

For the disinfectants we had till now, the strongest the disinfecting power is, the dangerous it is.
Comfor Water is the new comer disinfectant which can produce strong disinfecting power, while it is safe, harmless and non-polluting.


Mixing sodium hypochlorite with acids such as hydrochloric acid can produce solutions like bleach and mold remover, which use sodium hypochlorite as the main ingredient. Those solutions always come with cautions like ‘DANGER, do not mix’ and as what the label means, the mixing process is hard and dangerous.
And we, Haccpper succeed this process by our special mixing technology and the product is Comfor Water.

The pH region of higher content of
Hypochlorous acid molecules will have
excellent disinfection and higher safety.

Comfor Water or Sodium hypochlorite disinfects
using Hypochlorous acid. State of Hypochlorous
acid changes with pH value. In alkaline state
(above pH 7.0) it exists as ion (OCl-) and
in neutral to acidic state it exists as molecule
(HOCl). The graph below shows the variation of
ion and molecules.

Hypochlorous acid molecules penetrate the cell
membrane, directly react with internal nutrients,
energy sources and make them inactive or kill.
Whereas hypochlorite ions cannot penetrate the cell
membrane and acts only from outside, so need
a long time to degenerate the cell membrane.

Above graph is from US Environmental
Protection Agency. It shows time to kill E.coli
by Hypochlorous acid molecules and
hypochlorite ions at the same concentration.
With 0.1ppm solution, Hypochlorous acid
molecules kill in 1.5min. Hypochlorite ions take 120min. to kill.

Compared with sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) solution that is an existing disinfectant, Comfor water is
shown to have a superior effect against bacteria (Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria
and bacterial spores), yeasts and fungiunder the same free chlorine concentration.
Especially, the superiority is highlighted for microbes that are hard to kill.

【Inactivation Effect】
Comfor water works on not only
bacteria but also various viruses strongly.

While comfor water destroys various microorganisms, it is harmless to higher creatures. Therefore, Comfor water can be used as a disinfectant that is safe to animals and planys.

The safety of Comfor water is also verified through experiments using animals. It is confirmed on the tests using rabbits and mice tha there is no adverse effect even for oral intake, no irritation of mucous membranes of the eye and skins and no genetic mutation.